Brother Ron is Home!

All praise and glory to God! With the help of Sir Knights Mike Shaul and Chuck Boisvert, brother Ron Katko and Lady Knight Elaine have been returned to their home, after life saving surgery and extended recovery stay in Salt Lake City.

Message from FN Mike Shaul:

Ron made the trip with out any problems. He insisted on walking into the house. He was very emotional when he walked through the door. He said he didn't think he would ever see his house again. Him ad Elaine thank you for all of your prayers and generosity. Chuck and I also thank you for you prayers for a safe trip.

Photos by Joseph Zahnle

Pre-Lenten Carnival 2020

Brother knights and their families provided the food service for the carnival again this year. The effort was a big success, and we thank everone who volunteered!

Caroling at the VA

On Saturday, December 21, 2019 members of council 11548 and their families spent some time singing Christmas carols for the residents of the Veterans Administration facilities in Boise. The veterans showed their appreciation by clapping, cheering, and singing along.

Thanks oncee again to Ron Katko for organizing the event as he has for many years. Thanks also to Dennis Kuntz for taking charge of the lunch following the event. Much appreciated brothers!

Pancake Breakfast 11/3/2019

Brother knights served close to 400 plates at the breakfast on Sunday. As always, we received many positive comments about the food and the service. Thanks to all who helped out. Please sign up on line to help at the next breakfast on 12/1/2019. The link is on the home page.

Food Drive October 19 & 20

With a goal of 10,000 pounds*, volunteers from our council and assembly as well as their family members and members of the St. Vincent de Paul Pantry staff accepted donations to replenish the pantry ahead of the critical cold weather season. Thanks to all who organized and participated by volunteering their time and talents with the various tasks!

*Final result: 12,288 pounds collected!

Highway Cleanup 10/12/19

Thanks, once again, to brother Cory Newell for organizing the cleanup event. From Cory:

Great turnout - 14 participants.  Awesome family participation event - David Innerbichler's grandson Owen, David Mehren's daughter Nichole and my Mom Beth.  Thanks to all.  Many hands made for light work - cleaned up both sides of 1 mile stretch in less than 1 hour.

Blue Ribbon Rally

September 28, 2019

Brother John Walters mans an information table during the Blue Ribbon Rally for prostate cancer awareness at the Idaho Urologic Institute in Meridian, representing our Council and Assembly from Holy Apostles, and demonstrating our support for the cause. 

Mass in the Park

Mass in the park on September 8th was changed due to weather conditions. Mass was held in the church at 10 AM, followed by the picnic indoors in the gym and dining room.

Thanks once again to Sir Knight Joe Cardona and his volunteer crew for keeping it all running smoothly.

Parishioner In Need

The council received a request from the parish nurse for a parishioner that needed help with cultivating her small garden in preparation for planting.

On Tuesday, 5/28/19, Steve Stockman and Dave Innerbichler went to the lady's house and spent about an hour doing the work. She was very appreciative and thanked the Knights for helping her out.

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