Farewell Fr. Len!

A good crowd was on hand at Holy Apostles Church on May 4, 2021 to give Fr. Len a good send off as he leaves us for St. Pius X parish in Coeur D'alene. There was a 50/50 raffel, beer, wine, burgers & brats on the grill, pot luck side dishes and desserts. A good time was had by all. Best wishes and prayers to Fr. Len from all of us!


KofC Ceremonial Degree Team on the road

At our latest Combined Degree Ceremonial in Nampa, we hosted 4 candidates, six members of the Degree Ceremonial Team, the Grand Knight Joe Dunn, 1 observer Forest, and the Deputy Grand Knight Dave King and his wife.  We are grateful for our hosts and those that attended - all were edified.  The Team worked very well together and we presented the ceremonial flawlessly.


Nampa opened their doors to us to use their chambers whenever we needed them.

Vivat Jesus!

Cory Newell

District Deputy #5


Cinnamon roll fundraiser last weekend, 11/21/20. We earned $1000 for St Vincent de Paul food bank.


Holy Spirit Council #11548 conducted their 3rd Annual Food for Families Food Drive, October 17th & 18th, to assist the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry on the grounds at Holy Apostles Catholic church in Meridian. Sir Knight Dennis Shaul, Chairperson of Family Programs, coordinated the event that brought in over 10,400 pounds of food product and toilet paper to help stock the pantry for fall.

Food Drive 2020b.png
Gerda Crew 1.jpg
Gerda's Document (transcribed)

Gerda Dwyer

Submitted by GK Scott Holman 10/3/2020

Several weeks ago, Keith Klein got a request from an elderly Parishioner to do some yard work as she was unable to care for her yard. Several Brothers volunteered; Bob Bofaro, Joe James, Keith, Ted Salvador, Dave Cereghino, George Calley and I. While doing the yard work we all got the opportunity to meet Gerda Dwyer, an 88 year old German immigrant who married a Marine and became a US citizen in 1959. Today, she lives alone, widowed, in the house she and her husband lived for 25+ years. She greeted us in her garage, barely able to make it our of the house with her walker. She's legally blind, but knew where everything was in her garage. In fact, she gave us a poster of a sketch her late husband drew, that later was made into a poster (attached). As she engaged with us she spoke about the hardship she endured in Nazi Germany as a child, the Jewish friend she lost, etc. Attached was a document that she spoke to her great grand daughters elementary class which gives you some idea of her life.

Gerda's Document (original)
Gerda's Husband's Drawing
free throw 2020.jpg

Free Throw Contest - State

Sunday September 27, the Worthy District Deputy Cory Newell  and PGK Mike Wissel were able to award trophies to 2 winners of our Free Throw Contest that won the State contest for best in their age group.  Julia Anders and Isabel Clough competed in the girls 11 age group. Both sunk 6 baskets which was the best in Council, District and State. Normally we would have had District and State competitions but this year because of the pandemic those events were cancelled.  Congratulations to Julia and Isabel. Thank you to the Anders and Clough families for coming out to help celebrate the event. We look forward to our next Free Throw Contest in January of 2021.


Helping the Community

On Labor Day, Brothers Chuck and Spouse, Dennis Shaul and Spouse, Mike Shaul, Dave Cereghino, Robert Nee, Joe James, Dennis Kuntz and GK Scott Holman spent the morning doing some yard and garden clean up for one of our elderly parishioner couples that needed some help. It was a great morning of camaraderie and hard work.


A big Thank You to Brothers that did volunteer.

Ron Home.jpg

Brother Ron is Home!

All praise and glory to God! With the help of Sir Knights Mike Shaul and Chuck Boisvert, brother Ron Katko and Lady Knight Elaine have been returned to their home, after life saving surgery and extended recovery stay in Salt Lake City.

Message from FN Mike Shaul:

Ron made the trip with out any problems. He insisted on walking into the house. He was very emotional when he walked through the door. He said he didn't think he would ever see his house again. Him ad Elaine thank you for all of your prayers and generosity. Chuck and I also thank you for you prayers for a safe trip.

Photos by Joseph Zahnle

Pre-Lenten Carnival 2020

Brother knights and their families provided the food service for the carnival again this year. The effort was a big success, and we thank everone who volunteered!


Caroling at the VA

On Saturday, December 21, 2019 members of council 11548 and their families spent some time singing Christmas carols for the residents of the Veterans Administration facilities in Boise. The veterans showed their appreciation by clapping, cheering, and singing along.

Thanks oncee again to Ron Katko for organizing the event as he has for many years. Thanks also to Dennis Kuntz for taking charge of the lunch following the event. Much appreciated brothers!

Pancake Breakfast 11/3/2019

Brother knights served close to 400 plates at the breakfast on Sunday. As always, we received many positive comments about the food and the service. Thanks to all who helped out. Please sign up on line to help at the next breakfast on 12/1/2019. The link is on the home page.